Project Description

New Shoots Bayfair

Located within the fastest growing neighbourhood area of Bayfair in Tauranga. The New Shoots early childhood centre accommodates for children ranging from infants to preschool. The overall design provides a environmentally sustainable and healthy learning space designed for the care and nurture of children.

The wave-like canopy is inspired by Tauranga’s two most sought-after beach fronts, reflecting the city’s relationship with the sea. The canopy runs along the side of the centre up to the high ceilings allowing an abundance of the natural Mount Maunganui sunshine.

The project employs a more natural material palette. The exterior Cedar timber cladding is styled with aluminium joinery and the dynamic canopy structure is constructed from translucent polycarbonate, to minimize excess heat and glare from natural sunlight.

Our passion for reflecting values and vision, for an early childhood centre design, incorporates a balanced blend of environmental sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. The centre is orientated to receive the natural daylight, minimizing the need of artificial lighting. Passive ventilation methods are implemented within the internal spaces, and low VOC paints have been used to maintain good indoor air quality.

Internally, the planning is airy and spacious allowing seamless flow into other sizeable zones. The indoor experience of a child’s play is enhanced with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows, to visually connect children with the outdoor environment, further energizing their productivity. During summer, large portions of the building can be opened to provide natural ventilation well above the minimum requirements. This further allows natural sunlight to penetrate deep into the interior setting. Furthermore, the luscious outdoor area includes nature-inspired play for children with the perfect blend of beach and bush.

Facts + Figures

Client: New Shoots
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Construction cost: TBC
Area: TBC
Programme: Completed 2020

Image Credit: Mark Scowen
Media: Featured on Archipro