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Project Description

Campbell’s Bay Early Learning Centre

A new Early Childhood centre in Campbells Bay is currently under construction on a site that was originally home to a 1950’s heritage church. Despite the transformation in function from a church to a childcare centre, the unique architectural heritage elements of the church have not been lost, rather they have been blended in with the sites new purpose.

The church was originally single storey, with a basement level added several years later. Landscaped street frontage restores the churches to its original appearance, with planting and landscaping concealing the basement carpark.

The majority of the childcare centre is housed in an additional structure that joins to the church, where transparency and planting have been used to ensure the church remains as a focal point in the site.

Native planting along the front of the site has been retained to create a green, north-facing playground. A green roof covers the new addition to the church to minimize the impact of the centre on the surrounding residential neighbourhood. What isn’t green is ‘see-through’ –  the additional structure uses glass as a predominant feature of the building for transparency and to allow for natural light and ventilation.

Facts + Figures

Client: Campbell’s Bay Early Learning Centre
Location: Campbell’s Bay, New Zealand
Construction cost: tbc
Area: 600m²
Programme: Completed 2019