Akash Kumar


Akash is Architectural and Urban Designer at Collingridge and Smith Architects.

He studied at Unitec, gaining a Bachelor of Architecture in 2015, and has currently completed his Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Design qualifications from the University of Auckland.

Akash entered his Masters Urban Design project ‘Toitu Kainga: The home of the Sustainer’ into the DINZ 2019 Best Awards student spatial and public good category gaining a silver and bronze award, for his innovative and sustainable community design project.

Since joining the team full-time, Akash’s highly motivated approach to life has made him a great addition to our team. Akash’s key interest in powerful community and urban spaces reflects his personal vision of creating sustainable architecture for our past, present and future generations, as he strongly believes that “We build spaces, and spaces build us.”

He is a great believer in Muhammad Ali’s quote about champions. Especially the last line which reads ‘But the will must be stronger than the skill’. No matter what the skill set, greatness can be achieved by drive, desire and determination.